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What are the most common issues to be paid attention to?

The new couple must know all aspects of the hotel before making the wedding banquet. Today, wed114 wedding network small braid to bring the wedding banquet strategy for everyone, help you to see the wedding banquet needs to pay attention to what common problems.

Set a clear record for the wedding reception.

Hotel name, telephone, fax, address, email, contact person.

Book the wedding banquet strategy 2, roughly related project cost.

1. Catering standard: how much is each table or how much per person?

2. Service fee: how much is the service charge and whether it can be deducted.

3. The cost of drinks and snacks, which are bonus, and the amount of time limit.

Book the wedding banquet strategy 3, hotel configuration or distribution project.

1. Bride's room: whether there is a bride's rest room, free of charge or charge (how much do you charge), the room is away from the banquet hall.

2. Cake: if the cake is presented, the style and layer number of cake will be given. For example, the charging price and the corresponding style.

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3. Signature and pen: whether to give a sign-in and sign-in pen, and the number of guests to consult the number of gifts, so as not to cause jam on the wedding day.

4. Wedding car: whether to give the wedding car, the style of the wedding car, the color, whether there are any number of miles and time limit. If exceed the limit how to charge.

5. Champagne tower: whether to give champagne tower, give three (14), five (55) and six (91)?

6. Champagne: whether to provide champagne.

7. Red carpet: whether the red carpet is provided free of charge, if not free of charge.

8. Parking space: whether there are sufficient parking Spaces, free of charge, and how to charge extra parking space.

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