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Mayday monster sun announced a wedding ring married His girlfriend road interlingual transfer become his wife

On the afternoon of November 18, wuyue band guitarist monster (wen shangyi) admitted on weibo that he would marry his girlfriend and sweet love: "together, there is always a topic to talk about. Together, there is more to do and want to go; Together, I feel the beauty of care and care. If I can, I want to seize the time, let the words finish, do the things I want to do well, go through the world together. I want to take care of you. Let me take care of you. Yes, we do.

It is reported, and 32, 38, a monster get married girlfriend ah interlingual transfer booking in 12 months. The woman is a stone wife's sister, because her family is looking forward to marry her daughter, and my father is a military man, conservative, hope engagement before they get married, finally both sides have reached a consensus, family decided to engagement ceremony on November 20, all follow GuLi, in order to complete.

To this, the fans expressed "pain and happiness" : "although a little sad, you but see you happy I still very happy ~ very happy, dear leader of the Lord ~ wish you happiness!" "Sixteen years of male god is finally beginning the next stage of life congratulations! ? My dearest wen shangyi, I wish you happiness.

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Road interlingual transfer handsome appearance, set the orchestra will play the guitar and bass. He has written lyrics for ding dang, zhang yunjing and other singers, and has also been an illustrator. After road interlingual transfer ying as mayday guitarist stone technician, assist the acoustics, audition. After leaving the technician group, transfer to the concert subtitle work.

Lk interlingual transfer 's father is a military man, road home has three sisters, road interlingual transfer is old. Sister road Ting ying is a mayday guitarist stone's wife.

In May 2013, monster and road interlingual transfer been witnessed to dinner alone at night, the central avenue in Harbin to walk hand in hand. On October 4, 2013, at the end of the Shanghai music festival, the two men were seen strolling hand in hand and the relationship was exposed.

The couple will be engaged on November 20, 2015, and the wedding will be held in mid-december.

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