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Analysis of the characteristics of Chinese wedding photo

 One, Chinese wedding photo characteristics

  (I) represents auspicious

  Classical Chinese red, representing joy and auspiciousness, today is focused on giving you a new sample of ancient Chinese wind wedding photos to make you feel the perfect fusion of modern and ancient, and make wedding photos more fun and more unique.

  (two) highlight the personality

  The popularity of Chinese wedding, but the different dynasties, the bride and bridegroom's different tastes, the Tang Dynasty wedding happily women elegant and sexy, gentle mannered men. The wedding dresses of the Tang Dynasty are more complex for men. It's like a man's position. And the lady is more elaborate.

  (three) close to life

  The life of the first world is only for you. I'm willing to sing with you for a long time. The noble and elegant blue and porcelain blue and the warm and festive Chinese red light the green brick and Daiwa of the Jinjiang courtyard, the red light is high, the double joy is full, the carved garret is full of happiness. Your love is as impressive as this special Chinese wedding.

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  Two, Chinese wedding photo shooting attention

  (1) style

  If you want to be formal, you have to be weird. The perfect wedding photo can show the different personalities of the new people. The solemn Chinese wedding photo is the common standing position, the sitting posture, the display of the traditional female beauty. The strange Chinese wedding photo is the transmission of the new personality. According to his understanding, different pose and table feelings are put out, so that the beauty of modern women and the classical beauty are the wedding dresses. The biggest bright spot.

  (two) flavor

  Chinese wedding dress is exquisite in classical beauty. Small jade and my fair lady are the requirements for the bride in ancient China. The modern bride takes the Chinese bride with an implicit smile, a shy deep feeling, a gentle look, and the Chinese bride's classical temperament in front of the crowd.

  (three) photo posture

  Posture as far as possible to do their own, feel it will naturally be a lot. In fact, photography assistants basically design posture for everyone. But we recommend that you look for your feelings when you are taking photos, and laugh from your heart. When you listen to an assistant or a photographer posing, if you feel uncomfortable, don't do it because it's not natural to be awkward. Just say it as long as you feel awkward.

  (four) makeup

  Red cheeks play a supporting role. Red and red cheeks are the characteristics of Chinese brides. They can show wedding celebrations on their faces and give people a sense of shyness. The cheek of the makeup artist chooses a little bit more than the big red. It extends from the center of the cheek to both sides. It is not only to wipe the blush, but also to use a variety of red to make the stereoscopic effect.

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