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A Boss in Digital Marketing

Investors are constantly on a lookout to find a company that fits their needs and businesses seeking to compare competitors in their market and possibly gain the upper hand. As a research methodology and visualization tool, Gartner Magic Quadrant is used for monitoring and evaluating the progress and positions of companies in a specific, technology-based market. It throws light on the strengths and weaknesses of competing companies. As obvious by its name, the quadrant divides the competitors into four distinct categories:

1. Niche players: Companies / new businesses that may do well in a segment of the market but cannot outperform larger vendors.

2. Visionaries: Possess the knowledge and idea about the evolution of market, but lack of capability ofexecution.

3. Challengers: Have the ability to execute, but may lack strong vision. They have the ability to become leaders if their vision evolves.

4. Leaders: Possessing both strong vision and the capacity to execute it, these are large companies in the markets, often on a global basis, recognized by the customer worldwide. Leaders can change the overall trend of the market.

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As a wonderful tool it is used by the Global Digital Agencies to get a clear picture of the market as to which company/business falls in which of the four categories and also the trends of the market that might follow in the future. Today’s Chief Marketing Officers have a challenging task of leading their marketing organizations through the digital transformation.

Agencies are constantly competing for market share. As the world’s leading IT research and advisory company, it provides effective solutions through its extensive research so that the clients chalk out right strategies as healthy competitors of the market with an ultimate aim of becoming global Leaders. It has created continuous brand experiences.

No doubt that the company, as a leader in the Magic Quadrant for Global Digital Agencies, is highly preferred by the CMOs of several competing companies for growth coupled with innovation to establish themselves as big players in the market.

In today’s era, where every aspect of life is dominated by the digital world, the global digital agencies have a lot to offer in the form of e-business, internet advertising or web design. Global digital agencies have an extensive range of services/solutions to offer to their clients as they provide specialized advertising, publicity and marketing services for an electronic channel.

Increasingly, digital marketing is becoming more about designing digital products and services to complement existing offerings. Hence, marketers must keep asking themselves what people are really looking for when they buy a product or service – such a thinking has given rise to stimulated innovations. A global digital agency is often considered as the most reliable and dependable source for innovation and improvement by the companies/businesses with an aim to establish themselves in the market as leaders.

They give a vision and leadership path to an organization. Clients are getting quick and hence it is mandate for the agencies to be more transparent and proactive and line up with their relevant clients to meet their organizational goals in a smarter way.