Ugrás a tartalomhoz Lépj a menübe


 The most moving courtship

 1, love is a word, but it contains the promise of the sea, the holding of the hand and the old wish, the honor and disgrace, the feeling of breaking gold, the pursuit of a respectful life. I love you, love to tell you loudly, marry me!

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  2, love is the same in wind and rain; love is in need. Love is the hand of the holder, and it is old with it. Dear, marry me, let us live together, until the white head, still pull, laugh to see flowers blooming flowers, thank you, the tide rises and falls, clouds roll clouds, sunset sunset.

  3, love a person dare not say, it will last forever; love a person dare not say, there is a perfect commitment. I am ordinary people, can only slowly change their bad habits, slowly let you like, accompany you to watch the Korean drama, accompany you the stars in the sky; I am an ordinary person, can only slowly make money, slowly make you happy, accompany you to buy bags, accompany you singing in the evening. Dear, do you like it?

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